Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Review

birdmanAs a fan of Iñárrito’s previous work (BABEL & BIUTIFUL) watching birdman was a somehow weird. Iñárrito LOVES using reality as a rigid hard rock and hitting it in the faces of his audience, in Birdman he shows naked reality but it wasn’t as harsh as tens of Chinese workers being buried in the ocean. That was no problem to me; his story can’t hold more tragedies. Actually he used tragedy to make his masterpiece a black comedy. Continue reading


Because I am a person that has a passion for movies, I will start writing my reviews about movies on my blog.

Disclaimer: I am not a movie critic, I am just a person that has passion for movies, and watches many good quality movies that wants to share his opinion about these movies with the world.

What is love according to a middle eastern man


When I am with my father, I feel that there’s nothing that can hurt me, his existence gives me safety! I can’t imagine living without him, without the safety that he gives me, and without the love that he rarely expresses to me.

I feel that this feeling, this safety that he has given to me is like a debt, not to him, but to the world. I feel that my duty in this world is to make someone feel safe with me, in the same manner that my father makes feel. to me this is the greatest rank a man can make. and to me also this is what they call “love”:  to make someone feel the safest even in the worst situations, making them feel that everything is going to be ok, where in fact you know it’s not. can you see how hard it is to love? A true lover isn’t a true lover unless his/her love is tested under such conditions. what worth does love have if we don’t need anyone to make us feel safe because the probability of bad things to happen is very small? love in this case will be only caring, which is weaker than protection, and this is why our experience of love and filial piety – as middle easterners – is much stronger than that in the eastern world. the dangers that we face everyday make our parents protect us more, and this love and protection make us more attached to them.

As a man who lives in the middle east, who is very attached to his father, one of my dreams is to be a father, a true one, just like mine, and in the end I pray that he comes back safe, and that non of us experiences the loss of a parent.

The man that can no longer hear…

… And here I am, where I can’t hear anything after the fever I had. The world to me was so noisy and horrible with all the noises that you would hear every day: the cars’ horns, your wife nagging, the shitty boredom killing box called the TV, everything… but now I miss these voices, these noises. The world is now as frightening as a calm ocean, where you can hear nothing, when a great danger is approaching you without you feeling it.

I miss the sound that the shoes would make when people walk on a side walk. You would feel that there are people around you and that you belong to a society, but now even if I can see these people, I feel as if I’m in a big sea of nothingness –by my own. Emptiness is filling everything. I feel that there’s no life in anything –I just can’t feel it anymore- and there is nothing that can interrupt my brain from its continuous babbly thinking, and it has became very annoying. This must end. I feel totally isolated from the world in my little box of endless thinking where the only voice I can hear is mine –Inside my head.

I think that being deaf since birth is easier than losing hearing at an old age. People that never heard anything ever, can’t even comprehend the concept of “sound” and thus, they don’t know the grace that they never had, while people like me have heard the greatest music in the world, and the loudest laughs ever, but I can’t imagine how I will only listen to these musical masterpieces inside my head!

 We only value the things we have when we lose them, but if you never had this grace, how will you be able to value it?


The Man that can no longer hear.

Shutter Island [2010]

One of my Favorite movies!

Let's talk about movies

I can’t remember the last time I loved a movie as much as I loved “Shutter Island”. I might be a little bit biased when it comes to Martin Scorsesse pictures, but “Shutter Island” really deserves to be considered as one of his best work. The year is 1957, two U.S marshals (Leo Dicaprio and Mark Ruffalo) are assigned on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of murderess who seems to have escaped from the prison hospital. No one knows how she managed to escape, but we do know that she killed her 3 sons. The whole movie works like a labyrinth in which leo’s character and the audience are rats in that maze. We want an answer as much as he does. But no one seems to be giving us that answer. Scorsesse manipulates us; and he keeps doing that until the last second of the movie when…

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