What is love according to a middle eastern man


When I am with my father, I feel that there’s nothing that can hurt me, his existence gives me safety! I can’t imagine living without him, without the safety that he gives me, and without the love that he rarely expresses to me.

I feel that this feeling, this safety that he has given to me is like a debt, not to him, but to the world. I feel that my duty in this world is to make someone feel safe with me, in the same manner that my father makes feel. to me this is the greatest rank a man can make. and to me also this is what they call “love”:  to make someone feel the safest even in the worst situations, making them feel that everything is going to be ok, where in fact you know it’s not. can you see how hard it is to love? A true lover isn’t a true lover unless his/her love is tested under such conditions. what worth does love have if we don’t need anyone to make us feel safe because the probability of bad things to happen is very small? love in this case will be only caring, which is weaker than protection, and this is why our experience of love and filial piety – as middle easterners – is much stronger than that in the eastern world. the dangers that we face everyday make our parents protect us more, and this love and protection make us more attached to them.

As a man who lives in the middle east, who is very attached to his father, one of my dreams is to be a father, a true one, just like mine, and in the end I pray that he comes back safe, and that non of us experiences the loss of a parent.


One thought on “What is love according to a middle eastern man

  1. Youssef, this is a very nice read, full of emotions and feelings. I like the way you interpreted the idea, it is like we all know that but we didn’t know how to sort them out, and you did. Good work and may your dream come true and you write about it 😉

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