Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Review

birdmanAs a fan of Iñárrito’s previous work (BABEL & BIUTIFUL) watching birdman was a somehow weird. Iñárrito LOVES using reality as a rigid hard rock and hitting it in the faces of his audience, in Birdman he shows naked reality but it wasn’t as harsh as tens of Chinese workers being buried in the ocean. That was no problem to me; his story can’t hold more tragedies. Actually he used tragedy to make his masterpiece a black comedy. Continue reading


The Great Gatsby

Image The Great Gatsby, one of the most awaited movies of 2013 somehow a disappointment to me. I was so excited for the film, I thought it would be  great movie, but unfortunately it didn’t reach my very high expectations. I know, the cinematography, the acting, the set it was all great! but the story was a little bit boring. I would understand making “The Lord of The Rings” in 2:30 hrs, but not this drama! I think the story is good, but this looooong duration of the movie – that made me sleep at some point – “diluted” its story. the moral behind behind the movie was great! and it had some really breathtaking scenes – I am not going to ruin it – and this suspense of discovering the true Gatsby that should stay until the end of the movie started disappearing a little by little because of the slow pace of the movie. Anyways, I would watch it again to understand it more because after all, little are the movies produced nowadays that have a moral behind them!